Roasted Brussel Sprouts

roasted brussel sprouts

Dr. Oz says that a serving of brussel sprouts will get to work cleaning out our livers. That sounds like a great idea so I’m eating them once each week. (Hey, I don’t want to overdo this.)

Last week I featured a chicken dish with apricots in my blog and on the side of the plate were brussel sprouts.(Pictured at left.) I had merely steamed them and served them naked (the veggies, not me), so I didn’t give them any more attention in my blog post.

eating my greens

olive oil and herbs

However, several people saw the picture and commented that they loved brussel sprouts and offered ways to “dress them.” Thanks to Amy and Glenn, (and to Bobby for encouragement) I gave the sprouts center stage this time.

Brussel sprouts – about a pound – fresh or frozen
1 TBS olive oil (Amy says you can also use the spray olive oil)
Herbs – I used basil, but oregano, sage or thyme would all be delish.
Garlic salt – a sprinkling

sprinkle with garlic salt

Preheat oven to 350
Drizzle the olive oil in a small baking or roasting pan.
Add herbs
Add brussel sprouts and let them roll around in the herbs and oil to coat them.
Sprinkle with garlic salt.
Put in oven and roast about 10 – 15 minutes.
They’re done when they’re fork tender.
Naturally, if you serve them with a pat of butter, they will be even better, but then you have to answer to Dr. Oz. Your call…

Notes: If you have frozen sprouts, you may want to microwave them for a minute before roasting – or roast longer.
You could also add a clove of crushed garlic to the oil and skip the garlic salt.
Glenn said that when he roasts brussel sprouts this way his 13 yr old grandson can’t get enough of them. Isn’t that music to our ears!

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2 thoughts on “Roasted Brussel Sprouts

  1. What a great post! Ive also found that when the leaves fall off theyre crispy like kale chips. Do you cut off your stems? I always cut the bottom “stump” part, and then in half again. Makes it easier to shovel into my mouth when I don’t have to stop to cut!

    • Thanks Amy! And thanks for the suggestions which I used in this post. As for cutting the brussel sprouts, I think it depends on how big they are. Lately, the fresh ones have been really small, so no cutting needed before the “shoveling.” And I think you can roast them longer than 10 – 15 minutes – or at a higher temp – to get that crispy effect. Food is such an interesting medium to play with. Hope your birthday was wonderful!

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