No Muss, No Fuss Slow Cooker Pot Roast

beef roast

Perfect for a work day, this pot roast will take care of itself all say and then deliver moist, flavorful meat when you finally drag yourself home.

fork tender

big guns add lots of flavor

I got the idea for this from Monique who was cutting my hair a few weeks ago. Of course, I added a few things to make it mine, but I love hearing about people’s adventures with food.

soup mix and tomatoes on the bottom

Note: many slow cooker recipes have us adding the meat and vegetables at the same time. Personally, I think this is too long to cook potatoes and other vegetables. So for this recipe, just cook the meat.

tomatoes and chillies on top of roast

2 ½ – 3 pound beef rump roast – or whatever roast you have on hand.
Garlic salt and pepper
1 packet French Onion Soup Mix
1 large can (26 oz) diced tomatoes
1 small can (15 oz) green chilies and tomatoes chopped
2 bay leaves



Empty the entire content of the large can of tomatoes into the bottom of the slow cooker.
• Sprinkle the soup mixture over the tomatoes and mix to blend.
• Rub the roast with garlic salt and pepper.
• Place the roast over the tomatoes in your slow cooker.
• Add bay leaves.
• Pour chilies and tomatoes on top of roast. Just let them sit on the roast.
• Cover and set slow cooker to low.
• Cook for 10 – 11 hours.

When you’re ready to eat, pop a few potatoes into the microwave and steam a green vegetable and you’ll be ready in minutes. You won’t need gravy with this roast. Spoon the tomatoes over the sliced roast beef to keep it moist and enjoy the colors and flavors.

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