Tastiest Bites from 2012

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope we will all reach higher in 2013 to makes lives richer for everyone.
2012 was my first entire year with a blog and it has been a wonderful experiment and adventure.
I decided to post the top five recipes from Nana Clare’s Kitchen in 2012. I determined this strictly by the number of viewings from folks like you. If you’d like to see the entire recipe, please just click on the individual link for it.
So what did folks click on over and over?

first cake in a cup

Chocolate Cake in a Cup is the all time winner. The rich dark flavor, combined with the ease of making a single serving dessert in minutes was certainly the appeal. And the photo has been pinned over and over on Pinterest thousands of times. Using the large dark Ghiradelli chips made them fall to the bottom of the cup so that when inverted they create their own frosting.

breakfast muffin in a mug

Cinnamon Muffin in a Mug – or Muggin.

MThis is one of my original recipes that is packed with nutrition, easy to make and has been very well received by folks who live alone, teens looking for a school-morning breakfast and cinnamon lovers all over. My daughter named these “muggins” and it’s an easy handle for this fun breakfast. From this recipe I created other muggins using pumpkin, gingerbread, blueberries and even gluten free muggins. Please browse the “single servings” category on the left side for more recipes.

Dr Oz dessert balls

Dr. Oz’s Peanut Butter Oat Balls, My Way.

Yes, I love to give the good doc’s recipes a try, but when they don’t deliver on flavor, I tweak and alter until we have something to crow about. Over the year I posted many variations on peanut butter balls, but this one has gotten the most attention.

honey chip cookies

Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies and Tips for Baking with Honey.

Honey is a great option when you’re cutting back on sugar. This entry not only gives you my own recipe for moist cookies, but I also included hints for using honey directly from the Minnesota Beekeepers Association.

caramel apple cake in a cup

Caramel Apple Cake in a Cup.

When the Chocolate Cake in a Cup recipe developed legs, my daughter asked if I’d create a recipe for her husband who loves apples. Because apples and caramel are a perfect pairing, I created this yummy single serving cake.

Although I have also posted dozens of soups, chicken recipes, stews, breads and other great tasting food, the desserts seem to be getting the most attention. So come for dessert and stay for the main course. I’m just happy you stopped by.

Peace and Love for 2013!

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