Potato Leek Soup

garnish with chives

I’m on a leek kick. I hope you’ve seen my post on cleaning a leek. If not, take a peek now because we need to make potato leek soup.


Recently I told you about a brussel sprouts and leek dish that I made which was very tasty. Next I decided to create a potato and leek soup, with a little turkey ham. Delicious.

cook half the veggies and put into blender

Note: If you have fussy eaters (as I did when my kids were little) put in all the offending vegetables first. (You know, celery, leeks, peppers.) Add a few potato chunks. Cover them with a bit of water and cook until tender. Then blend until smooth and pour that back into your soup pot. This will thicken the soup and add veggies without anyone knowing.

Honestly – this tip is for anyone married to a fussy eater who is trying to help him/her eat more vegetables. You know who you are!

blend" offending" veggies

add uncooked veggies to stock

add rest of ingredients

1 leek – cleaned and chopped
4-5 medium potatoes – I use Yukon gold
4 stalks celery, cleaned and chopped
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
2 TBS light Worcestershire sauce
1 TBS chicken soup base (or three cups chicken stock)
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 pound cooked turkey ham, cut into cubes (or regular ham)
1/4 cup Kefir milk, unsweetened (or use yogurt, sour cream or cream cheese)
1 cup carrots and/or other frozen veggies
3 green onions, chopped

Put half of all the vegetables in a large pot and cover with a few cups of water.
Cook until tender – 5-10 minutes.
Blend these together and pour back into the soup pot.
Add the broth and the uncooked vegetables and cook about 10 minutes.
Add the rest of the ingredients, except for the chives.
Cook on low another 20 minutes until flavors blend. Don’t rush this soup. It will be even better the next day.
Garnish with a few tablespoons of chives on top of soup.

This soup has great body without needing to be thickened with flour. If you need a dairy free option, leave out the Kefir or yogurt and add more herbs, if needed for flavor.

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