Make a Mix for Blueberry Almond Muffin in a Mug (and more)

blueberry heaven

I have muffins on the brain – really. Muffins in a Mug. Nothin’ naughty intended.My daughter has named them “Muggins” which I love. I’ve been playing around with flavor varieties for healthy muffins that you make in the microwave – in a coffee mug. Each one contains an egg, and they’re packed with other good stuff like oats, flax meal and yogurt.
Look for the “single serving” category on this site for more ideas. More will be posted in the future.
I recently told you how I developed the Cinnamon Muffin in a Mug: love this one with walnuts and crasins and so does my hubby, who requests if often for breakfast.

can't believe this is so good for me

2 tbs blueberries

I finally did a headslap (duh!) and realized there’s a simpler way to put them together – make a mix with the dry ingredients. Years ago I used the “Make a Mix Cookery” – by Karine Eliason, Nevada Harward and Madeline Westover – on a regular basis. I also had their “More Make a Mix Cookbook” so you know I was into it bigtime. The general idea was to take something that you make a lot and create a mix to eliminate steps. I used to have big containers for mixes for pancakes, muffins, cookies, cocoa, bread and lots of tasty stuff. So I woke up and said, “Hello Clare, make a mix for your muffin in a mug.” And I did.

blueberry almond - a favorite muffin

Now you can make the cinnamon muffin in a mug or the following varieties with the same basic mix:
Lemon poppy seed muffin in a mug
Blueberry almond muffin in a mug (recipe below)
Craisin walnut muffin in a mug
Or better yet, make your own creation.

lemon and chia seeds with blueberries

Ingredients for the muffin in a mug mix
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour (or white flour – your choice)
1 cup oats (I use quick for these.)
½ cup ground flax meal
½ cup wheat germ
3 TBS baking powder

Put all the dry ingredients in a storage container. Shake it well until blended. Keep it stored with a lid on for 2-3 months in your pantry.

Ingredients for making Blueberry Almond Muffins
3 TBS muffin mix (see above)
1 egg
1 TBS honey – or agave nectar
¼ tsp almond extract
2 TBS vanilla flavored yogurt
2 TBS blueberries

• Use a coffee mug that will hold at least 12 – 16 ounces.
• Crack egg into mug and whisk with a fork.
• Add honey, almond and yogurt and mix until blended.
• Add dry ingredients and blend with a spoon until incorporated.
• Fold in blueberries.
• Cook in microwave 1 ½ – 2 minutes.

Play with the ingredients to make them your own. Swap out the blueberries for craisins, raisins, chopped prunes, apricots or whatever you like.
Add 2 TBS walnuts or pecans for added crunch.
You can also swap out the 2 TBS yogurt for 1 TBS oil, if you like.
Use lemon flavoring and poppy seeds or chia seeds for another flavor variation.

I’ve used this muffin mix at least a dozen times now and love experimenting with all the possibilities – lemon blueberry, apple cinnamon, walnuts and craisons. (I haven’t tried banana yet, but you know I will.) I hope you enjoy your breakfast muffins in a mug as well. Let me know if you find a great flavor combo.

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